Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Brazilian Presidential Election

The presidential election is fast coming to its end in Brazil. Oct 29th will be the day in which the ballots will be counted. Are we going to accept all this dirty to continue?

It is odd to correlate all the political scandals with the numbers of this presidential run. The more we find about Lula's dirty secrets and the corrupt acts that his administration has been performing, the larger is the difference between Lula and Geraldo Alckmin. What I find odd, is that in this difference, Lula is leading the run.

What could be seen in the first round of this election is that the numbers were also incredibly favorable to Lula, but it ended up not being so. In the ballot counting he won by a small margin, which led to a second round against the opposition's candidate, Geraldo Alckmin. I think the main statistics institutes are in the Government's pocket, because they are either lying or their mathematicians don't know how to multiply!

For a short list of recent scandals, I can enumerate:
  1. Buying members of the House of Representatives with money not accounted;
  2. Lula's son selling his small, unprofitable, unknown company for a large sum of money to a federal company;
  3. Most of his directly appointed ministers (close friends) being involved with fraud, power abuse and prevarication;
  4. Forging a dossier against his rivals, and after being caught with the money that would be used to buy it, lie about its origin.

Now, of course the opposition isn't flawless, but come on! He's lying through his teeth, since day one! But one thing he does: hypocritical populist actions, that look good for the poorer uneducated part of society, but that in the long term is worsening their condition. Oh, and don't forget about media manipulation and censorship...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess politics are dirty everywhere. We have a political party in the U.S. that is so good at recruiting they have dead people voting.

7/09/2007 11:39:00 PM  

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